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Skala Potamia

Apartments Esperides are conveniently located in Skala Potamia, almost at the centre point of the bay which has the wonderful Golden Beach, perhaps the most famous beach Thassos Island has to offer. With nearly 2 kilometres of beautiful clean sand and the crystal clear turquoise Aegean Sea it is little wonder it is so popular and offers everything from secluded spots where you can imagine you are on a deserted island to water sports and organised sections offering sunbeds and umbrellas….. nearly forgot to mention, Golden Beach is one of the few beaches on Thassos which has been credited with the Blue Flag award!
 - Esperides Apartments Golden Beach
Go a little way inland and you will come to the traditional villages of Potamia and Panagia, 3 and 5 kilometres respectively. Both of these villages are tucked away in the foothills of the Ipsarion mountain range which loom impressively over the villages. Wander the twisting, narrow streets, crisscrossing small mountain streams all shaded by giant Plane trees and discover a time long forgotten. Cafes and taverns will tempt you with their traditional Thassian treats.

Potamia is also the birthplace of the internationally renowned sculptor Polygnotos Vagis, you will find a small museum close to the church which is a ‘must visit’ for art lovers. These two villages also make an excellent base if you enjoy trekking and hiking, if you’re feeling energetic there are trails which take you to the top of the island, Mount Ipsarion at a towering 1209 metres above sea level. From here you will be rewarded with views all the way to Turkey, including Samothraki and Limnos Islands.

In the village of Skala Potamia you can find everything you may need, from bars, cafes and restaurants, gift shops and supermarkets.
Paradise Beach - Esperides Apartments Golden Beach

Paradise Beach

Thassos has dozens of beautiful and special beaches and just 13 km’s from Apartments Esperides you will find the tropical paradise which is aptly called Paradise Beach, enjoy this amazing beach and its unique waves, or just sit in one of the taverns or beach bars and watch the world go by!